Motocrane Radical

The Motocrane RADICAL was designed from the ground up to excel on rough terrain, at high speeds and even on the water. With a standard payload capacity of 35lbs and a 45lbs payload with the heavylift, MotoCrane RADICAL is tailored for the latest compact stabilized heads/gimbals. The RADICAL Isolator features familiar 3-axis passive dampening for Pitch, Roll and Z-axes, which dual hydraulic dampers for Pitch and Roll axis with an adjustable air shock for Z-axis. RADICAL features a modular design for easy transportation, assembly, and storage. Available INS 2 Advanced Stabilization allows RADICAL to maintain Lift axis angle with accuracy that rivals systems 10-20x the cost. This is especially important for off-road applications where the lens needs to “float” over terrain with the subject.


Max Length: 3,66m
Overall Extended Length: 5,03m
Max Pan Speed: 6 sec/360°
Max Tilt Speed: 2 sec/70°
Pan Limit: Unlimited swing rotation
Tilt Limit: – 35°, + 35°
Max Payload: 16 – 20kg
Adjustable Length: No
Telescopic: No
Weatherproof: Yes

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