Carbon-kevlar RIG system designed to accommodate cinematographers needs for versatility and easy retouching on getting spectacular automobile shots.The RIGFilm system can be installed in any type of vehicle (car, truck, van, bus) and allows to capture stunning images from any point of view around the automobile.It consists of a modular system for fixing professional cameras using latest generation materials, such as high strength 7075 T6 aluminum and a carbon-kevlar composite, which allow to work around the vehicle with great speed.

Multiple set-ups and options

  • Carbon fibber arm mount on front, rear or either side of the vehicle
  • Camera can be slid along the arm on top, side or hanging
  • Arm adjustment after set-up: 180º pan / 90º tilt
  • Camera fixable at any distance between 0 and 5,5 meters from the vehicle
  • Straight arm or 40º crank arm option

Quick and effective

  • Camera position and arm movement fully adjustable in 5 minutes allow very fast framing
  • Up to 100km/h car speed
  • Set up time less than 1 hour
  • RIG side changing less than 0,5 hour

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More than 10 years of experience endorse some of our technicians in driving all types of motor vehicles, preparing and transporting them.Carshooting111 is a guarantee of professionalism in the field of the motor for the audiovisual productions.