Aerial recording equipment with Inspire 2 drone and Zenmuse X7 camera with super 35mm sensor (DNG cinema in 6K, Apple Pro Res in 5.2K)
Inspire is an agile and versatile drone capable to high speed flying in the most risky action shots.

Technical specs

Maximum speed: 95 Km/h
Autonomy: 15 min.
Range: 500mts
Camera: Zenmuse X7
Lenses: 8,5 / 16 / 24 /35 / 50mm
Filters: Polarizer and ND 8 / 16 / 32
Charging station for unlimited flight

DJI Cendence with SDI and HDMI output for live broadcast.

3-axis gimbal.
Super 35 sensor
RAW Cinema DNG 6K
Apple ProRes 5.2K
14-step HDR
24 Megapixel photos

Download data sheet

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