The FLIGHT HEAD CL is a new generation of lightweight camera remote heads. It compensates an angular vibration of camera ensuring very stable and very smooth images throughout 25-400 mm (film lens) zoom range. The CL can be mounted underslung or over-slung on a wide variety of regular or telescoping camera cranes, dollies, camera cars, vibration isolators, quad bikes, helicopters and cablecam rigs, etc. The system offers a horizon control (true horizon) under extreme shooting conditions. Wireless capable. Operated with hand wheels or joystick.

Technical specs

Limits – Hold position – Back pan compensation – locked shot
Angular position indication
Horizon shift
Mitchell mount (underslung/overslung)
Sealed for all weather conditions
Control: Joystick & hand-wheels
3 axis Gyro-stabilized
Pan axis travels through 360º continuos slip ring
Roll axis travels through 270º with auto horizon
Digital Auto Horizon (GV) always keeps camera level even in high G turns
Auto horizon can be turned off for greater control of roll axis
Tilt axis travels through 200º
Pan Speed, Roll Speed, Tilt Speed 120º/sec
Integrated focus & zoom control son ENG TV lens drives (Canon & Fujinon)
Preston FIZ plugs into head console to give zoom control to the operator
RF Wireless capable (900mhz)
Temperature range from -40ºF up to 104ºF
Payload capacity up to 55 kg
Head weight: 33 kg
2 Amp standby
15 Amp max

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