Flight Head 6s is the latest 3 axis stabilized technology which offers an unprecedented level of image stability under extreme conditions. Engineered and built to be used in combination with the U-crane Arm to whistand higher vibration levels and acceleration impacts.
New generation of “auto generation” control electronics provides an accurate horizontal level even in G-turns.
It is one of the strongest most rigid and powerful stabilized remote heads on the market, that minimizes vibration and unwated shaking of the camera during rough or fast moves throughout a 25-300mm zoom range (film lens).

Technical specs
  • Effective stabilization throughout 250 mm focal lenght
  • Pan limit: 360° continuous
  • Tilt limit: +98°, -160°
  • Roll limit: +266°, -86° or 360° continuous roll (optional)
  • Speed: 120°/sec

Temperature range:
From -30°C up to +40°C

Head weight: 35 Kg
Payload: up to 60 Kg

Power requirements:
24-30V DC
Standby: 2ª
Dynamic Max: 15A