If off-road means: fields, beaches, forest, narrow passage, though, muddy and rocky terrain, the RZR has the power and the ground-clearence to get you there.
This compact 4-seater atv vehicle can be equipped with a great variety of camera-(gyro)systems, like Mini U-crane Arm, BlackArm and Shockabsorber with Shotover of Flighthead.
All this can be operated from within the vehicle in comfortable bucket seats,
with a wide variety in power supplies, video connections and monitors built in.

Technical specs

Vehicle Lenght: 3.75m
Vehicle wheelbase: 2.97m
Vehicle widht: 1.63m
Vehicle height:1.87m
Vehicle weight: 755Kg
Engine power: Prostar Turbo:4-stroke Twin cyl.
Turbocharged/925cc/188HP (tuning)
Max Speed: 135Km/h

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The RZR is designed to enable all and more than that in situations where a typical camera vehicle would not come close to.
Of course the RZR can also meet all your demands en wishes in less rural areas.

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