Ghost One

The Ghost One is a universal adaptable remote arm that offers arm extension from 4.2m to 6m, offering short mode for close-quarter dynamics and long mode for all the reach needed for stunts and big reveals.

Powerful and durable, yet lightweight and intuitive, Ghost One is constructed from aerospace grade aluminium, carbon fibre and Kevlar.

Arm lenght: Short mode: 4.26m
Long mode: 6m
Lens Height: 3.42m
Tilt: 33°
Pan: 360°
Max Rotations: ± 3 rotations
Pan Speed Max: 5 sec/360°
Tilt Speed Max: 1.5 sec/ 33°
Max Payload Short Mode: 36.25 Kg
Max. Payload Long Mode: 29.48 Kg
Max. Vehicle speed: 160 Km/h

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