Porsche Cayenne

U-crane 6

The U-crane Arm 6 offers the best solution when speed, power and total control of the vehicle are required in all circumstances.

Arm length: 4.5-7.6m
Max Payload: 100-60Kg
Max. lens height: 8m
Tilt limit: ± 45°
Pan limit: 360°
Max. Rotations: ± 3 rotations
Pan speed max: 5 sec/360°
Tilt speed max: 1.5 sec/45°
Weight with camera max: 690Kg
Max. Speed: 160Km/h

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Rain Deflector

The Rain Deflector unique dual motor configuration with power management micro processors delivers a powerful, highly effective rain deflector in a compact, light-weight design.
  • Two removable 6.5 x 6.5 and 4 x 5.6 (optional) filter stages.
  • Wireless Remote On/Off
  • 3D printed and aluminum construction.
  • 19mm & 15 mm rod mounting brackets.
  • The power management electronics supply a constant current to the motors regardless the voltage (with in its voltage range).
    • That means the speed of the Zero stays constant as the voltage drops or fluctuations due to line loss or battery losing charge.
    • It also means no more center dot due to the glass slowing down.
  • Compatible Lenses
    • All lenses from a small prime to Optimo 12-1 Zoom.
    • Max 162 mm diameter.

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