This is a pursuit vehicle with 250 hp and a load capacity and great drag.

It is ideal to work with any type of remote head. Both the front and back, since it is prepared with 48.3 mm tubular structure. There is also the option of putting platforms both front and rear for both configurations handheld as leveling bases and camera mounts of various types, as well as photo shoots at high speed.

Technical specs

Engine: V6 2.7 Biturbo de 250cv
Drive: AWD
Change: Tiptronic (sequential)
Suspension: Hydraulic

  • Lenght 4.935mm
  • Width 1.860 mm
  • Height 1,520 mm
  • Wheelbase 2.835 mm

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Its height-adjustable air suspension, allows us to bear weight on either axis without being balanced by the vehicle. Its sequential automatic transmission allows us power and smoothness from start to stop, no sudden movements or changes of pace typical vehicles with manual transmissions. Its spacious interior allows us to work comfortably with any type of camera control.